When sitting down to arrange a funeral, the question of flowers is raised. Included in the cost of a funeral with Barker Family Funeral Services is a 3ft coffin spray, provided by local Rushall florist Louise Warner. But what about other flowers? Should you say no flowers? Or family flowers only?

One family decided, as many do, to ask for donations in lieu of flowers. How does this work?

At Barker Family Funeral Services we pride ourselves on creating the send off your loved one deserved, including raising and handling charitable donations for your chosen good cause, free of charge.

This is done in partnership with the charity through online donations, cash collections on the day of the funeral service, cheques via the post and via the online tribute site Much Loved

The local family of well known and well loved Doris Joyce, chose to raise donations for Harker House, Doris’ home during her final years.

All the staff at Harker House were very fond of Doris and daughter Margaret, who still says hello to all the staff and misses regular chats and cups of tea.

Handing over the donations

In Doris’s memory, over £1000 has been raised for Harker House, the plans are to erect a summer house so that families can visit with loved ones and share those much missed cups of tea during these difficult times.

Recent charities and good causes to benefit from the gift of donations in lieu of flowers include:

  • East Anglian Children’s Charity – in memory of Velma Farrow
  • The Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity, Heamatology department – in memory of George ‘Peter’ Corefield
  • The Stroke associate – in memory of Chris Sayer
  • Dementia Uk – in memory of Basil Barber

These donations go a long way in helping others and providing care and support for so many.

Leave a lasting legacy in your loved ones name with Donations in lieu of flowers.

We're all inclusive.

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