Direct cremations

A traditional cremation or burial is not always the right thing for you or your loved ones.  Sometimes the right thing to do, is to take care of the necessary parts, then have a celebration of life at a later date.

You may not want a funeral service for your self, you may want the money spent on a charity, or to give to a loved one, or to put a round behind the bar so all your friends and family can have a drink on you.

However you wish to proceed, a direct cremation may be right for you or your loved one. But what is it?

With Barker Family Funeral Services, a direct cremation includes everything you would expect in a standard cremation, just without the service.  We do no cut corners, we do not compromise on our quality of care.  We will bring you into our care at your time of death, we will perform all of the necessary arrangements and your family and friends can come to view you if they so wish.  We will provide a suitable coffin.  The only difference is that the cremation will take place without a service, at a time that is convenient to us.  A direct Burial is the same, although the additional costs of interment are added.

What ever you decide, whatever is right for you and your loved ones we will make it happen the way you need it to.

We are a family run company that pride ourselves on our consistently high-quality and careful service. As well as our assurance that we will treat your loved ones with the care and respect that we would treat our own.

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